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9 Weapons of Hope® Arsenal

Discover the arsenal of weapons necessary to create a life of courage and hope.

The self-improvement program is for women ready to disrupt trauma, take on our beasts, and start living in freedom. This 10-part program will teach you about Beasts and the Courage Factor. You will learn to overcome obstacles holding you back and keeping you down. You will learn strategies for decision-making and improving your attitude and believing in the value of your story, releasing the uncontrollable, and having stronger spiritual armor. You will begin adjusting your focus and perspective on your challenges, giving yourself permission for self-care, and creating a lasting legacy of hope.

The 9 Weapons are progress-based and built on the strength and wisdom of each weapon. The synergy of all nine working together is what we call Weapon Mastery.


Uncover your strength and develop the courage to reclaim your life and take it to a new level.

Many people get stuck in their trauma, trapped and labeled by their challenges, disappointments, losses, and fears.

How is it that some people find happiness and hope after tragedy? Why do some women appear fearless? How do some people get back up after life’s two-by-fours whack them over the head?

We all want a better life, but we don’t even know where to begin most of the time. A few short years ago, Valerie was in your shoes. Valerie created the 9 Weapons of Hope out of desperation. She wanted to be happy for even one hour at a time. They have evolved into a comprehensive program anyone can follow and adapt to their lifestyle. The Weapons contain practical actions with spiritual principles. Once you master the 9 Weapons of Hope, you can choose which arrows to remove from your quiver for a particular challenge.

The 9 Weapons aren’t “just” for moms with struggling children. These amazing tools are for ANYONE in need of finding a way to get through life’s hardest times!

Dianne Chatelain


  • What you want and how to use decision-making to propel you toward your new life path.
  • How to create a new mindset and kick the harmful attitude habit.
  • The six ways to build confidence and belief in the value of your story.
  • What uncontrollable facts control your life, and learn the skills to let go of them.
  • Ways to tap into the power of God and improve your spiritual life.
  • How to break down your relationships in an enlightening way to strengthen the right connections and let go of the wrong ones.
  • Learn how improper focus is stealing your joy, and begin to change your perspective on life’s challenges and realities.
  • Identify ways to improve your self-care, beginning with permission to matter.
  • Recognize your worth and create a lasting legacy of hope, that piece of you that will remain in the world forever.
Program Breakdown:


Prepare for the Weapons with modules: About Beasts and the Courage Factor. Includes a video and 16-page Getting Started Guide.


Figure out what you want and commit to the decisions and actions necessary to get there. It includes 12 topic-based modules with video and a 23-page Guidebook & Journal.


Kick the negative attitude habit and rewire your brain to think positive and hopeful thoughts. It includes 11 topic-based modules with video and a 17-page Guidebook & Journal.


Uncover the value of your story and the power you have to use it for good. It includes 9 topic-based modules with video and a 25-page Guidebook & Journal.


Release the illusion of control and comparison so you can focus on what you do have control over. It includes 8 topic-based modules with video and a 19-page Guidebook & Journal.


Use the power of spiritual armor to overcome fears, and have more patience, peace, and hope. It includes 7 topic-based modules with video and a 16-page Guidebook & Journal.


Sort out where people belong in your Circle of Strength so you can create stronger relationships and manage expectations. It includes 9 topic-based modules with video and a 17-page Guidebook & Journal.


Discover the focuses that have you trapped and strategies to refocus on what empowers you. It includes 10 topic-based modules with video and an 18-page Guidebook & Journal.


Put self-care at the forefront of your mind and learn why putting yourself first is not selfish. It includes 9 topic-based modules with video and a 23-page Guidebook & Journal.


Employ the strategies for creating the one you want to leave in the world forever. It includes 11 topic-based modules with video and a 25-page Guidebook & Journal.

Sample Video

Sample Guidebook

Every time I read something Valerie has written, or watch a video, it’s always like she’s telling My story or talking about MY life.

Jeri Griess

The 9 Weapons of Hope Arsenal

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