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Live Above Their Addiction

A Program to rise above their addiction and reclaim your life.

This online program includes 9 separate modules (7 audio & 2 video), with a downloadable 16-page Audio Guidebook and a 24-page Guidebook to empower you to focus on your recovery so you will be healthy and whole when your son or daughter finds their way to recovery and to handle life’s other challenges.


My daughter still says she would never have cleaned up if I wouldn’t have been strong enough to stop enabling her and to stand up & say, “I love you, but I don’t love your addition.” Without you, Valerie, that would not have been possible.


If you could save your son or daughter from their addiction Beast, you would have done it long ago.

You may not be able to control their Beast, but you can control yours.

How do some women find happiness after riding the Roller Coaster From Hell? Why do some people stand up and reclaim their lives after all hell has broken loose? How do some women find the strength to rise above the addiction of their son or daughter?

All of us moms want to find a way to live again, but sadly most sink under the weight and heartbreak of the effects of addiction.

This program teaches you the basic concepts to permit yourself to live again, to be happy, and some tips and strategies to stand up and become a role model of hope.

  • Why you must` accept the painful reality.
  • More about the Supermom Cape.
  • Why it might be time to remove your Cape.
  • Ways to start shedding shame & giving up guilt.
  • Perspective on removing the burden (and it’s not the burden you think).
  • Why it’s past the time to give yourself permission to be happy again.
  • That you are the one who needs to lead the way.

Sample (Introduction) Video

Sample Audio Guidebook & Guidebook Journal


I know you didn’t choose this path but from the bottom of my heart I thank you for being such a bright light on the path.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You’re making a difference. I’m hoping to be as strong as you one day.


Live Above Your Adult Child's Addiction

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