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Your Attitude

A 9 Weapons of Hope® Program for developing a mindset to improve any area of your life.

This online program includes 11 separate modules (plus a quiz & certificate), with a downloadable 17-page Guidebook & Journal to empower to kick the negative attitude habit and replace it with thoughts of hope and possibilities. The Weapon Reminders will help you stay on track. It also includes a Getting Started Video & Guidebook featuring, About Beasts & The Courage Factor.

Modules: Introduction, Attitude is Your Battle Changer, The Pity Party, Leaving Victimland, Words Have Power, Disrupting Negativity, Negative Crap List, Your Self-Talk, Speaking Over Others, If You Can’t Say Something Positive, Staying the Course


Get out of the mindset that keeps you feeling helpless, hopeless, angry, cynical, jealous, or scared.

Many people have given up on their dreams or allowed their lives to become unhappy or unbearable.

How do some people have a positive attitude in the face of ongoing trauma? Why do some women look at the sunny side of life no matter their situation? How do some people stay hopeful even when their circumstances seem hopeless?

We all want a better thought life but don’t even know where to begin most of the time. The incredible thing about a positive and hopeful mindset is that even if your circumstances don’t immediately change, you will look at your situation in a new light.

This program teaches you that Attitude is your battle-changer. It is one thing entirely within your control and at your disposal 24/7.

  • Why Attitude is your battle-changer.
  • The trick for getting out of a Pity Party.
  • Why you must leave Victimland in your rearview mirror.
  • The power of your words.
  • A simple but effective way to stop negativity in its tracks.
  • What to do with all of the negative crap you say about yourself.
  • How to speak over yourself and others.
  • A one-day challenge to help you kick the harmful attitude habit.

Sample (Introduction) Video

Sample Guidbook

Thank you. Words can never describe what you have done for so many.


Your Attitude Weapon of Hope®

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