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Your Focus

A 9 Weapons of Hope® Program for adjusting your focus and changing your perspective on life’s challenges.

This online program includes 10 separate modules (plus a quiz & certificate), with a downloadable 18-page Guidebook & Journal to empower you to stop allowing particular focuses to command your life and leave you feeling inadequate. The Weapon Reminders will help you stay on track. It also includes a Getting Started Video & Guidebook featuring, About Beasts & The Courage Factor.

Modules: Introduction, Out of Focus, You Own the Theater, Comparison: The Thief of Joy, Comparison Fast, The Forgotten Wall, Focus Board, Distractions, From Problems to Solutions, Staying the Course


We tend to focus on our problems and what we think other people have.

Getting out of focus leaves us feeling inferior.

How are some people able to stay focused on their journey? Why do some women have proper perspectives? How do some people avoid the trap of comparison?

We all want to feel good in our skin, but it’s difficult when comparisons take our thoughts captive.

This program will help you to get yourself into proper focus so you can be more at peace with yourself and your life.


  • Just how out-of-focus your thoughts might be.
  • The power you have to take control of those thoughts.
  • What comparison is doing to your joy.
  • One challenge you can do to stop comparing.
  • Why improper focus can be very dangerous.
  • A cool idea for keeping yourself focused daily.
  • How to use distractions to your advantage.
  • A great way to change your focus from problems to solutions.

Sample (Introduction) Video

Sample Guidbook

I was at a point where I thought, “Really, this is what life’s all about?” Thank you so much for the resources for us moms and for caring enough to persevere. 

Dawn Ward

Your Focus Weapon of Hope

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