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Your Legacy

A 9 Weapons of Hope® Program for building a lasting legacy of hope and purpose.

This online program includes 11 separate modules, with a downloadable 25-page Guidebook & Journal to empower you to prioritize your legacy  that is being created as we speak. The Weapon Reminders will help keep you on track. It also includes a Getting Started Video & Guidebook featuring, About Beasts & The Courage Factor.

Modules: Introduction, You Dash, Begin With the End in Mind, Present Benefits of Giving, You Don’t Have to Be Mother Teresa, People Are Watching You, Everything Can Be Used For Good, Your Piece of the World’s Puzzle, Warriors in Hope Award, Well Done, Staying the Course


You are going to live on in the world forever!

Yes! As you interact with people, pieces stay with them. In this way, a part of you is in them. Those imprints impact another person and another, and on it goes.

How is it some people seem to understand their value? Why do some women find it easier to believe in their legacy? How do certain people seem to leave a more lasting legacy than others?

We all want to know our lives matter long after we are gone.

This program will help you understand why it’s essential for you to begin building your legacy now – right where you are!


  • How your legacy is in the process as we speak.
  • Why you will be in the world forever.
  • A way to consider the end to modify current behaviors.
  • How giving back benefits you now.
  • That little things are big.
  • How vital your piece of the world’s puzzle is.
  • A challenging but satisfying way to know your value.
  • How many things you have done “well.”

Sample (Introduction) Video

Sample Guidbook

I have learned that I can live with joy and in peace. And that I have a purpose.

Annelle Abernethy

Your Legacy Weapon of Hope

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