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Your Oxygen Mask

A 9 Weapons of Hope® Program for emphasizing self-care by allowing yourself permission to matter.

This reusable online program includes 9 separate modules, with a downloadable 26-page Guidebook & Journal to empower you to prioritize your legacy  that is being created as we speak. The Weapon Reminders will help keep you on track. It also includes a Getting Started Video & Guidebook featuring, About Beasts & The Courage Factor.

Modules: Introduction, Permission to Matter, Taking Off the Cape, Sleep, The Great Outdoors, Work It Baby Work It, Stress, Laughter is the Best Medicine, Staying the Course


To take care of others, you first have to take care of yourself.

Women are especially prone to putting everyone else first. That is an excellent quality, but not when it leads to burnout or destruction.

How are some people able to prioritize self-care? Why do some women find it easier to say no than others? How do certain people realize it is not selfish?

We all know self-care is essential, but too many of us don’t make it a priority for fear that it is self-serving.

This program will help you understand why putting yourself first is critical if you want to be there for others.


  • Why you must permit yourself to matter (it’s not just about you).
  • If it is time to take off your very worn-out cape.
  • Tips for getting better sleep.
  • Ways to get outdoors and why it’s essential.
  • A new commitment to exercise.
  • The benefits of laughter.

Sample (Introduction) Video

Sample Guidbook

Love your warrior heart, Valerie! Thank you for spreading hope wherever you go.”


Your Oxygen Mask Weapon of Hope

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