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Your Release

A 9 Weapons of Hope® Program for letting go of the uncontrollable and embracing what you can control.

This online program includes 8 separate modules (plus a quiz & certificate), with a downloadable 19-page Guidebook & Journal to empower you to let go of what you never had control over in the first place and focus on what you can. The Weapon Reminders will help you stay on track. It also includes a Getting Started Video & Guidebook featuring, About Beasts & The Courage Factor.

Modules: Introduction, The Illusion of Control, What About Feelings, Leaving the Past Behind, The “F” Word, Get Off Your Soapbox, the “Some Things Don’t Make Sense” File, Staying the Course


Release the illusion of control and start focusing on the controllable.

Many people have spent so much time trying to control everything, leaving them feeling more out of control than ever.

How are some people able to easily let go of things? Why do some women forgive easily? How do some people stay focused on the things within their control?

We all want to feel more in control but better about ourselves but don’t even know where to begin most of the time, so we keep a white-knuckle grip on things we think are within our control. 

This program will help you realize the four things you can control and some tips for letting go of the rest.

  • Why control is an illusion.
  • The four things you can control most of the time.
  • How to stop feelings from running the show.
  • Strategies for leaving the past where it belongs.
  • Why you need to be using the “F” Word on other people.
  • How to give yourself a pardon.
  • Where to file those things in your life that make absolutely no sense.

Sample (Introduction) Video

Sample Guidbook

I could not do life without her guidance and influence.


Your Release Weapon of Hope

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