Grief, trauma, and pain a real. But they don’t have to own you.

Your Story. Your Voice. Your Community.

Jeri Griess

“Every time I read something Valerie has written, or listen to/watch a video, it’s always like she’s telling MY story, or talking about MY life. Her resources keep me going and the membershp has strengthed me so much, and helped me in so many areas of my life beyond my relationship with my daughter.”

Dianne Chatelain

“I’m here to day to tell you that no matter what you’re going through you CAN continue to live, breathe and get through any emotional storms that come into your life. is my wish, that you find and know your worth! Know you are not alone and you have a purpose in this world. “

Everyone is living with some type of Beast. You might be reliving trauma from childhood or one of life’s many two-by-fours clobbered you over the head out of nowhere. Someone you  love is on a dangerous path.

If you don’t learn to stand up and fight, you find yourself down on the mat, with your Beasts on top of you whispering in your ear and screaming in your face. It’s easy to stay down, but it’s not where you belong or where you want to be.

This difficult terrain is all part of the journey to freedom. It won’t be easy. We are never guaranteed anything in life. But the probability of living in, peace and with hope and happiness — becoming courageous — can be dramatically improved when you join forces with others who share your struggles, challenges, and importantly – a common goal – freedom from our Beasts.

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